New Zippin Pippin onride video

The new Zippin Pippin at Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin doesn’t open to the general public for a few more days (May 21), but media outlets were allowed to preview the ride. One video of the ride was posted to Youtube:

So far I’ve heard great things about the ride experience. Hopefully it is similar to the original Zippin Pippin ride experience.

ACE contributes to the reconstruction of the Zippin Pippin

From Amusement Today:

“American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) recently donated $5,000 to provide support and assistance to the city of Green Bay and their efforts to reconstruct Zippin Pippin at Bay Beach Amusement Park. Zippin Pippin was purchased from the city of Memphis last year and is currently being reconstructed at the Green Bay park.

“Preservation of classic rides is what ACE stands for,” says Howard Gillooly, ACE Preservation Director. Mr. Gillooly added, “What Green Bay is doing is remarkable, and ACE is proud to be a supporter of this project.” Upon receiving the donation, Bill Landvatter, Green Bay’s Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry, noted, “This was truly unexpected and brightened my day.” Mr. Landvatter went on to tell ACE, “Thanks so much for all you do to keep some of the truly unique treasures of our country.”

Zippin Pippin formerly stood at Libertyland in Memphis, Tennessee. Originally known as Pippin when it opened in 1923, the ride utilized parts from a previous coaster located at nearby East End Park. When Zippin Pippin closed in 2005, it was the fifth oldest coaster in the United States. The original Zippin Pippin was also one of only a handful of rides remaining from John Miller, one of the most prolific coasters designers of his time.

Just in the last year, ACE has provided support for several preservation efforts including Save Dreamland in Margate, England and their efforts to restore their Scenic Railway, a very rare example of the early roller coaster. In addition, ACE provided financial support to help the Blue Streak re-open at Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1978, ACE is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, appreciation and safe enjoyment of roller coasters. With more than 5,500 members across the U.S., Europe and Japan, ACE is the largest amusement park enthusiast organization in the world. Numerous shows made for cable networks such as The Discovery Channel have prominently featured ACE. Ultimately, ACE’s mission is to promote and enjoy roller coasters everywhere, regardless of type or size.”

Zippin Pippin construction and fairgrounds update

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I last posted but I do have some updates for you today!

Below the panoramic of the new Zippin Pippin you’ll find even more construction photos. The coaster is progressing very nicely!

Click here for more photos.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton recently revealed plansfor a $185 redevelopment of the Mid-South Fairgrounds. I was surprised to read that the plans left the area formerly occupied by Libertyland untouched. The area would be simply known as “Liberty Park.” While I would rather the amusement park itself still be standing, I think the area could serve as a memorial to the fairgrounds’ past. It certainly beats tennis courts. I wish they would name the area “Libertyland Park” but I assume that would be somewhat confusing to some.

I’ll keep you updated!

Help bring the Zippin Pippin to Bay Beach Amusement Park

The rebuilding of the Zippin Pippin is up for $50k in the Pepsi Refresh project. Please vote for the project to receive the money here!

“Bay Beach is the 9th oldest amusement park in the U.S.; operated by the City of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The regional attraction draws 2,000,000 riders annually; mostly families who come for affordable rides for children of all ages. No ride is more than 50 cents!

The park hasn’t had a roller coaster since 1936. “When are you getting a roller coaster?” is the most common question asked at the park. The City has purchased the rights to build a new “Zippin Pippin,” reported to be Elvis’ favorite roller coaster; designed by John Miller, the “Thomas Edison of coasters.”

The new Zippin Pippin will be the original design, but built entirely of new wood. Portions of the original coaster will be used for an entry way and display. The City will finance 80% of the cost, with a volunteer group working to raise $600,000.

The project is catching the eye of roller coaster enthusiasts nationwide and the excitement of families throughout the region who say it’s the perfect addition to Bay Beach.”