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Libertyland Book Coming Soon!

Due to hit shelves in late 2017, the Images of Modern America: Libertyland book will feature a photographical and historical look at the nearly three-decade-long life of Memphis’ Libertyland amusement park.



“Arcadia Publishing’s Images of Modern America series is uniquely dedicated to the wonders of recent history. Explore all aspects of the modern age, starting with the 1950s, via a beautiful collection of volumes filled with expertly penned content and stunning full-color images.”

See other titles in the “Images of Modern America” series here.

Contribute your Libertyland photos today!

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Photos of the Revolution coaster reborn

As mentioned previously, Libertyland’s triple-looping Revolution roller coaster has found a new home at an amusement park in the Philippines.

The coaster now operates as “Zimerman Corkscrew Coaster” at Gloria’s Fantasyland in Dapitan City in the Philippines. It’s operated there since early 2014.

See below for photos of the coaster in its new home:

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Zippin Pippin construction and fairgrounds update

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I last posted but I do have some updates for you today!

Below the panoramic of the new Zippin Pippin you’ll find even more construction photos. The coaster is progressing very nicely!

Click here for more photos.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton recently revealed plansfor a $185 redevelopment of the Mid-South Fairgrounds. I was surprised to read that the plans left the area formerly occupied by Libertyland untouched. The area would be simply known as “Liberty Park.” While I would rather the amusement park itself still be standing, I think the area could serve as a memorial to the fairgrounds’ past. It certainly beats tennis courts. I wish they would name the area “Libertyland Park” but I assume that would be somewhat confusing to some.

I’ll keep you updated!

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Never Forget Libertyland

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over five years since Libertyland last opened its gates.

The photo above shows the park soon after it opened in the 1970s or 1980s. The park looks completely different, but the Zippin Pippin and Grand Carousel can easily be seen in the background.

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Libertyland uniform unearthed

This past weekend at the Memphis vs. Tennessee game as I was walking to Tiger Lane from the new historical marker I came across something blue and red halfway buried in the dirt behind the Creative Arts building where the Pippin used to stand. I got excited thinking I might have discovered something valuable and sure enough as I pulled it out of the ground it was three Libertyland uniform polo shirts. After washing them they came out looking good as new.

I guess I was meant to find them!

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Libertyland and Zippin Pippin historical marker unveiled

Below are some photos from the Libertyland and Zippin Pippin historical marker unveiling from last Monday, and also some pictures from this past Saturday as well. The marker is located on East Parkway close to the new road that cuts the land Libertyland used to sit on in half.

Mayor A C Wharton speaks before unveiling the marker.

A group including city officials and Remember Libertyland members pose in front of the “Libertyland” side of the plaque.

Here is a photo that was taken at the Tennessee vs. Memphis game this past Saturday. founder John Stevenson stands in front of the new Libertyland & Zippin Pippin historical marker.

The opposite side of the marker which focuses on Libertyland as a whole.

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Libertyland and Zippin Pippin Historical Markers

Jimmy Ogle, the mind behind the upcoming plaque unveiling at the former site of Libertyland has generously sent us photos of the double-sided marker.

He explained more details about the marker: “With the advent of Tiger Lane, we decided to locate the historic marker at the new (limited access) entry into the property on the east side of East Parkway and Young Avenue (northeast corner).  At this location, the marker will be “distanced” from the Tiger Lane activities and have a stand alone presence right at the traffic light, bus stop  and new entry.   It will be due west of the actual location of the Zippin Pippin and right at the old Fairgrounds Amusement Park entrance.”

One side will commemorate the Zippin Pippin,

while the other side will honor Libertyland.

This will be a great reminder to all who visit the fairgrounds of the pieces of history which used to stand there.

The official unveiling will take place on Monday, November 1st, 2010, at 12:00 p.m.

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