Animated Short Film Inspired by the Zippin Pippin

Have eight minutes to spare? Watch this animated short film “My First Coaster” that was inspired by the story of the Zippin Pippin.

Was the Zippin Pippin or the Revolution your first roller coaster? Share in the comments section below!

4 thoughts on “Animated Short Film Inspired by the Zippin Pippin”

  1. not only was the zippin pippin my FIRST roller coaster BUT the revolution was my first looping roller coaster, and i rode that one the fist weekend it was opened, i also remember riding the train and going up and under the revolution while it was being built, we use to go to librety land almost every weekend, there was this building up by front gate and they had a record ur own song thingy, me and my best friend at the time did im so excited and the greatest love of all (this was 1986) and we sounded horrible but i thinbk i stiklkl have that casette somewhere still. i loved that place!!!!

  2. As a child from Marianna, Arkansas, i remember my family going to Liberty Land every summer. I can recall my first ever roller coaster ride was with my father and i was scared and excited at the same time. Of course it was the famous Zippin Zippin. It was like love at first ride. And still today i love roller coasters as well as my husband and two daughters. We have been to several states that included several Disney parks, two parks in Branson, Magic Springs in Hot Springs and a few others. I even got the chance to go back to Liberty Land with a good friend a couple of years before they closed.( So glad I went now. ) But i can tell you with all the memories made at all these other parks i have been to, NOTHING has ever came close to the memories i have of being a small child holding my parents hand walking through the bright entrance and seeing all the colors and people everywhere laughing and running and just being happy. Of my mom getting a candied apple, my dad getting one of those huge corn dogs and of course cotton candy for me. Riding the beautiful carousel and driving my first car LOL!!!! I’m so sad that Memphis lost such a great family friendly amusement park. I of course don’t know the reason for it shutting down but I sure wish it could have been restored somehow. I bet it would be booming still today. But I can always say what a great experience it was and i will always have the memories. Oh and a purple t-shirt with white letters that read simply….LIBERTY LAND!!!!!

  3. Wooden rollercoasters have a certain “charm” that you won’t find in a Steel coaster. I guess that’s what made me favor the Zippin Pippin over the Revolution. Since dad was a Marine, my family had moved several times. Thankfully, dad retired and we stayed in Olive Branch, MS – just a few minutes to Libertyland! :^) The loss of Libertyland makes me feel empty inside. With so many fond childhood memories now just memories, there is no amount of souvenirs that can fill the void. Sadly, my younger sister will NEVER get the chance to share those memories. Sometime, I can go to the spot where the Zippin Pippin once stood, close my eyes and and in my mind I can still see her as if she never left. :^(

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