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Libertyland and Zippin Pippin Historical Markers

Jimmy Ogle, the mind behind the upcoming plaque unveiling at the former site of Libertyland has generously sent us photos of the double-sided marker.

He explained more details about the marker: “With the advent of Tiger Lane, we decided to locate the historic marker at the new (limited access) entry into the property on the east side of East Parkway and Young Avenue (northeast corner).  At this location, the marker will be “distanced” from the Tiger Lane activities and have a stand alone presence right at the traffic light, bus stop  and new entry.   It will be due west of the actual location of the Zippin Pippin and right at the old Fairgrounds Amusement Park entrance.”

One side will commemorate the Zippin Pippin,

while the other side will honor Libertyland.

This will be a great reminder to all who visit the fairgrounds of the pieces of history which used to stand there.

The official unveiling will take place on Monday, November 1st, 2010, at 12:00 p.m.

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Zippin Pippin roller coaster gets new life as star of Green Bay park

A plaque will be installed near the site of the Zippin Pippin and will honor both the coaster and Libertyland.

From the Commercial Appeal:

The project to replicate the Zippin Pippin has been set on the fast track.

“That roller coaster is going to outlast all of us,” said Mayor Jim Schmitt of Green Bay, Wis.

That city recently held a celebration of the historic ride, which once anchored Libertyland in Memphis and soon will be the flagship attraction at Wisconsin’s Bay Beach Amusement Park.

On Tuesday, Jimmy Ogle, president of the Memphis organization Remember Libertyland, helped contractors rummage through old parts before the last of the ride was hauled north.

The nonprofit group, formerly known as Save Libertyland! Inc., sold Green Bay the name, design and history of the roller coaster, including the cars, for $35,000.

Memphis will unveil a historical marker at the roller coaster’s old site near the Mid-South Fairgrounds at noon Nov. 1. A two-sided plaque will commemorate Libertyland on one side and the Pippin, known as Elvis Presley’s favorite ride, on the other, Ogle said.

“We’ve done a lot of fighting, and this has finally been resolved,” Ogle said. “In name and in spirit, the Pippin found a home.”

During the community event Oct. 9 in Green Bay, a few thousand children were invited to sign the coaster’s top-most beam, the place where riders glance heavenward before plummeting nearly 70 feet down the wooden frame.

The children were also invited to empty their piggybanks to ensure the future of the ride at the fundraising event.

The project to rebuild the Zippin Pippin will cost Green Bay an estimated $3 million; the city borrowed $2.4 million and pledged $600,000 in private donations.

Nearly all of the building materials will be newly purchased, as most of the old structure in Memphis was deemed unsalvageable once it had been left to the elements after Libertyland closed.

The foundation already has been laid at Bay Beach park. Miron Construction Co. of Neenah, Wis., received $936,753 to build the wooden frame.

“This is our first coaster, so it’s definitely a learning experience,” said Kurt Wolfgram, project manager.

Wolfgram said the structure would stay true to the design, drawn by John A. Miller in 1923.

Wolfgram said the ride should be finished by March 24. The grand opening for the Zippin Pippin in Green Bay is set for May 7, 2011, and Schmitt has renewed his promise to let any visiting Memphians ride for free.

“The Pippin couldn’t come to a better home,” the mayor said.

“The great people of Memphis will be proud of what we’re doing.”

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Zippin Pippin rises in Wisconsin

The Zippin Pippin is coming to life once again! The roller coaster is being “reincarnated” at Bay Beach in Wisconsin using all new materials, but keeping the original layout. Click here to see more construction pictures.

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