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Zippin Pippin construction continues in Wisconsin

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The Zippin Pippin Roller Coaster Construction blog is following the construction of the relocated ride very closely and has been making regular photo updates. For the last couple of weeks we’ve seen the foundation work for some of the straight sections going into place and now footings are going in for the first turn. The bulk of the treated lumber that will make up the structure of the coaster is now on site and anxiously waiting to be put in place. Can’t wait to see this classic resurrected! Visit the blog for more pictures.

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Libertyland is no more

With today’s University of Memphis home opener against MTSU (we won), I had the chance to check out Tiger Lane, which is adjacent to the “lot” where Libertyland once stood.

The Zippin Pippin once ran between these two buildings.

The only thing left from the park is now dirt and trees.

The Creative Arts buildings provides a nice point to try and determine where things used to be.

I’m not sure if you could call this a piece of Libertyland.

The rest of the land is used for tailgating.

This shot was nearly impossible to get when the Zippin Pippin was standing.

What a sad sight… the new Tiger Lane and Libertyland could have easily coexisted.

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