Libertyland Book Coming Soon!

Due to hit shelves in late 2017, the Images of Modern America: Libertyland book will feature a photographical and historical look at the nearly three-decade-long life of Memphis’ Libertyland amusement park.



“Arcadia Publishing’s Images of Modern America series is uniquely dedicated to the wonders of recent history. Explore all aspects of the modern age, starting with the 1950s, via a beautiful collection of volumes filled with expertly penned content and stunning full-color images.”

See other titles in the “Images of Modern America” series here.

Contribute your Libertyland photos today!

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Photos of the Revolution coaster reborn

As mentioned previously, Libertyland’s triple-looping Revolution roller coaster has found a new home at an amusement park in the Philippines.

The coaster now operates as “Zimerman Corkscrew Coaster” at Gloria’s Fantasyland in Dapitan City in the Philippines. It’s operated there since early 2014.

See below for photos of the coaster in its new home:

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Take a ride on the Revolution at Libertyland

If you’ve forgotten what it was like to flip upside down three times on the Revolution roller coaster at Libertyland, fear not. The on-ride video below, taken on the Revolution in July 1998 will refresh your memory:

How many times did you ride the Revolution?

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Time lapse: the death of Libertyland

Unfortunately, Libertyland died a slow and painful death. The amusement park closed following the 2005 season. The salvageable rides and other assets were auctioned off in the summer of 2006, but much of the park remained abandoned through 2009. The park’s remaining infrastructure wasn’t razed until early 2010.

The time lapse below shows a satellite view of the park from 1997 through 2014:

Libertyland Timelapse 2

Larger images of the stills can be seen below:

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Libertyland Grand Carousel Traveling to Ohio for Restoration

Before Libertyland’s Grand Carousel reopens at The Children’s Museum of Memphis in 2017, the historic attraction will travel to Ohio for an extensive restoration.

Carousels and Carvings Co. of Marion, Ohio will move the pieces and parts of the historic Libertyland Grand Carousel for the restoration work. It will return to Memphis for its reopening at the Museum by 2017.



Photo © Daily News/Andrew J. Breig

The Memphis Daily News reports:

The carousel is due to return to the Mid-South Fairgrounds in 2017 as part of the Children’s Museum of Memphis on the southwest corner of Central Avenue and Hollywood Street.

It will be the centerpiece of a new building; CMOM announced Wednesday, June 3, that Design Shop will plan the carousel’s new home and Montgomery Martin Contractors will build it.

Private museum donors raised $4 million for the project.

Watch a video from the Commercial Appeal showing the carousel’s horses and more being transported from the Mid-South Coliseum:

To help in the rebuilding of Libertyland’s Grand Carousel, donate to the fund here.

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Libertyland Grand Carousel to Reopen at Children’s Museum of Memphis in 2017

It’s the news many Libertyland and Memphis history fans have been waiting nearly a decade to hear: the former amusement park’s historic Grand Carousel will be rebuilt at the Children’s Museum of Memphis by 2017.


The Children’s Museum of Memphis has reportedly raised the funds needed for the refurbishment as well as the construction of a glass building on the museum’s front lawn which will house the carousel.


The restoration work will be completed over the next two years by Carousels and Carvings of Marion, Ohio.

News of the tentative deal broke on multiple local news outlets today, including the Commercial Appeal, the Memphis Daily News and Fox 13 Memphis.


From the Daily News:

No one involved was talking on the record Monday, Feb. 2, about the announcement, but the carousel has long been a part of the administration’s tentative plans for the Children’s Museum, which is on the southwest corner of the fairgrounds property – at Central Avenue and Hollywood Street.

The Grand Carousel was dismantled in 2009, approximately 100 years after it was created. Its first stop in Memphis in the 1920s was the old East End Amusement Park in Midtown.


After its move from the East End, it became part of a set of rides at the fairgrounds long before Libertyland opened in 1976.

The carousel’s hand-carved and painted wooden creatures and bright and elaborate foundation were crated as Libertyland, which had closed four years earlier, was demolished in the development of Tiger Lane from the East Parkway entrance of the fairgrounds to the western side of Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium.

The carousel has been stored at an undisclosed location since it was dismantled in 2009.

Stay tuned to Remember Libertyland for the latest information on the rebuilding of the historic Grand Carousel!

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Happy 80th Elvis Presley!

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n Roll, was born 80 years ago today in Tupelo, Miss.


We’d like to thank him for making the Zippin Pippin (then known as the “Pippin”) famous!

The information side in front of the Zippin Pippin shed some light on its ties to Elvis:


The Zippin Pippin was Elvis Presley’s favorite ride. The “King” rented Libertyland August 8, 1977 from 1:15 a.m. until 7 a.m. to entertain a group of about 10 guests. Decked in a blue jumpsuite with black leather belt, huge belt buckle with turquoise studs and gold chains, the “king” rode the Zippin Pippin repeatedly during a two-hour period. He lost his belt buckle on the ride that morning, and it was found and returned the next day. Elvis’s Libertyland rental became his last public appearance. He died August 16.

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Take a Ride on the Zippin Pippin and Revolution

I recently came across two videos that I haven’t seen before. Below, you’ll see onride videos of both the Zippin Pippin and Revolution that were filmed during the 1998 Mid-South Fair:

Zippin Pippin


If you could ride either of these coasters today, which would you ride first? Share in the comments section below.

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Revolution Resurfaces in the Philippines

A Theme Park Review member recently discovered that Libertyland’s Revolution roller coaster has been reconstructed at Gloria’s Fantasyland amusement park in the Philippines as the “Zimerman Corkscrew Coaster”:

revolution-zimerman-3 revolution-zimerman-2 revolution-zimerman-1

The coaster apparently hasn’t reopened yet, but it’s interesting to see Libertyland’s classic looping coaster standing once again.

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Wear Your Ride on the Revolution Proudly

Do you remember your first ride on Libertyland’s Revolution roller coaster? Now you can wear your ride with pride thanks to our friends at Hieroglyph. They’re back with a brand-new retro-style Libertyland shirt inspired by actual Revolution promotional marketing pieces (as seen below).

libertyland_150  revolution_poster_414

The blue American Apparel “Poly-Cotton Crew” t-shirts are $20. Order yours here.



Your purchase of this shirt helps keep the Libertyland memories alive!

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